One of the most difficult and time consuming problems in a translator’s work are acronyms and abbreviations. I present here the ones I have encountered in the texts I translated. Obviously, you will not find here all existing acronyms. It would be impossible, especially since new ones are still emerging.

I hope you will find this glossary useful in your work.



Banca Mondiale
Bank Światowy


Bollettino Ufficiale
Dziennik Urzędowy

b.e.m., BEM

bolla entrata materiale
dokument PZ

b.f., BF

bassa frequenza
niska czestotliwość

b.o.t., BOT

buono ordinario del tesoro
bon skarbowy zwykły

b.t., BT

bassa tensione
niskie napięcie


bivalente (presa bival. presa bivalente)
dwusystemowy (gniazdo dwusystemowe)